Listeria Control Concept

Listeria Control Concept


We help you manage and reduce Listeria risks in your facilities through tailored strategies. Our experts provide guidance, standard operating procedures and quality documentations

Extended Shelf-life Concept

Extended Shelf-life Concept


Our extended shelf-life solutions help preserve the freshness and safety of your products. We use natural microorganism  to extend shelf ensuring quality and reducing waste.


Fermentation Concept

Food Fermentation

We offer customized starer cultures and fermentation units for bacteria growth, to enhance flavour, texture and nutritional value while ensuring consistency and reliability of your food products


Food-grade microorganisms can form a multitude of different substances that are inhibitory to other microorganisms. These mechanisms are part of the natural balance in complex ecosystems. By exploiting the fittest of the naturally occurring microorganisms in organoleptically appealing food products, it is conceivable to design preservation systems that ensure an adequate safety and shelf-life while maintaining the desired quality of the food product.

Lactic acid bacteria strains may be applied to food or prestages of food, to control Listeria monocytogenes, either by antilisterialmetabolites (e.g. bacteriocins) or by competitive exclusion.

Potential fields of application:
Basically, the bioprotectants can be applied to all Ready-to-eat food articles that have to fulfil the food safety requirements according to the EU directive 2073. Examples:
o Ultra-fresh salads
o Delicatesse salads
o Cold-smoked salmon
o Other seafood such as shrimp
o Multicomponent RTE food such as sandwiches
o Smear cheese
... and more


Food fermentation using microbial starter cultures is one of the oldest known uses of biotechnology. Fermentation of perishable food raw materials to provide more stable products has been used by man since approximately 10,000 BC. Fermented food and beverages are still today an important part of the human diet and constitute an estimated 20–40 % of the global food supply. However, the incredible biodiversity of starter cultures for fermenting food has been lost over the past few decades since starter cultures for big volume production batches were introduced. The BioCulture Nordic approach enables food processors to utilize the full palette of microorganisms selected from food-grade positive lists.  Combining characteristic of a multitude of food-grade microorganisms we can develop unique flavors or textures for your food product (e.g. a “signature flavour”). 

✓ BioSolutions for novel food products (e.g. for the fermentation of plant-based analogue products).
✓ Customized cultures for achieving specific characteristics (such as “signature flavour”).
✓ Controlled application of back-slopping cultures.
✓ Application of local, regional or facility specific microflora.
✓ “Fit for fight”: Freshly fermented and activated cultures with a short lag-phase that will reduce the fermentation time and will improve safety especially 
at the beginning of the fermentation process.

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